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EC Café History

The EC Café web site was launched by Cathy Byland-Weeks on December 29th, 1995.

When Cathy's father, John Byland, was diagnosed with EC in October of 1995, she discovered that there wasn't a whole lot on the Internet about this form of cancer. Cathy’s father survived EC 17 years until at age 74 he died of Multiple Systems Atrophy on March 6, 2014

After 3 years of dedicated support Cathy handed over the Café to Tammy and Marc Wolfgram on December 29th, 1998.

For the next 10 years Marc and Tammy revised and enhanced the Café as it became the place to look for factual esophageal cancer information and support for new EC patients. Marc was diagnosed with EC in 1995. For many years Marc was also the list manager of EC-Group on ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources). After surviving EC for 15 years Marc died in a tragic automobile accident February 15, 2010.

The EC Café Today

After the Café web address was taken over by a Japanease hair company the Café content was rescued from web archives by Smart Patients. Tammy gave permission to John Parkes to work with Smart Patients to update the Café. John was diagnosed with EC in April, 2000.

Esophageal Cancer Community at Smart Patients

For many years The EC Café went hand-in-hand with the EC Group at ACOR. In June, 2013, EC Group moved from ACOR to the esophageal cancer community at Smart Patients.

While a web site, like this Café, is a good place for permanent sources of information, pictures and stories, the EC-Group has a much more dynamic, personal touch.

There people can discuss problems, carry on dialogues about the good and bad aspects of any treatment, and can offer individual support. However, both the Café and the EC community at Smart Patients are designed to let you know that you are NOT ALONE.

More information on the Smart Patient esophageal cancer community can be found here.


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An Invitation to Share

We are always looking for more things to add to to the Esophageal Café, so, if you have any interesting information about EC, please let us know. We can always use more articles and stories.

Content Disclaimer

We are not doctors, nor are the majority of those who contribute to this site. We seek to provide you with information about this kind of cancer. We are not advising you on how to proceed, only providing you with as much information as we can, so you can better make your own decisions.

Some of the stuff contained here isn't pretty.

The statistics, especially, can be particularly grim.

You must keep a few things in mind:

  1. Statistics are just numbers, while you are a living, breathing human being. An individual.
  2. Published statistics are usually outdated by the time they get published, and then they hang around in cyberspace and may be extremely outdated by the time you find them and read them.
  3. You may or may not beat this disease, but don't let the statistics decide for you.

Best wishes,
John Parkes

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Information found here is not to be a substitute for professional care.
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